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Lawn Disease Alert!

With the most recent temperatures and rains, conditions are now becoming very favorable for fungal disease development of Dollar Spot, Brown Patch and Summer Patch disease. These conditions have activated the fungi cells that overwintered in the soil.

Spring Lawn Preparations

As the world outside finally begins to turn green after a long winter, it’s time once again to pay attention to your lawn. Spring is a sensitive time for your yard –- the soil is spongy, the plants are tender and the weather is unpredictable. Your lawn will thank you for being gentle this time of year, but it will also thank you for addressing a few important spring tasks. Here’s how to go about taking care of your lawn in the spring.

Don’t Let Grubs Destroy Your Lawn

Increases in grub populations are directly correlated with rainfall and soil moisture levels, meaning that this season could be the worst for the lawn-destroying pests in years. Maintain the health of your lawn by scheduling grub treatment with JT's Landscaping before it's too late! Request a quote today.

Bowerman Backyard Landscaping Project

Here is a fun residential landscaping project we did in Raleigh.

Seeding & Aeration - Raleigh Landscaping

After a period of summer stress, your lawn needs to be "rejuvenated". Aeration, in combination with overseeding, provides your lawn with a more dense stand of turf, reducing the potential for future weeds and insect infestation.

Grub Alert!

Summer is Here and So Is Brown Patch

What They're Saying

"When I first heard of a landscape company that installed Christmas Lights, I thought REALLY? But then I saw what they could do! These have got to be the most beautiful lights I have ever seen! JT's offers a wide selection of Christmas lights, but we just loved the snowflakes as well as the gorgeous garlands and wreaths. JT's crew will come out year after year, install these lights and then come back to remove them. Talk about decorating for Christmas the RIGHT way! It does not not get any better than this."

Reagan H. of Raleigh, NC