Map of  lawn fungus disease activity.  JT's Landscaping preventative Fungicide Program.

Fungus season is already upon us! The map to the right shows current fungal disease activity on Cool Season Turfgrass around the country as of 04/29/2014. With the most recent temperatures and rains, conditions are now becoming very favorable for fungal disease development of Dollar Spot, Brown Patch and Summer Patch disease. These conditions have activated the fungi cells that overwintered in the soil.  


Our preventative Fungicide Program consists of four applications which are performed during the months of May, June, July and August. The treatments are applied at a preventative rate on a timely basis, approximately every 21 to 28 days throughout the summer season. These treatments, along with proper watering (two to three times per week lightly during the summer months in the morning) and good mowing practices (mowing height to a max of 3.5 inches and with a SHARP blade) will dramatically reduce the possibility of damage to your turfgrass by fungal diseases. 


Keep in mind that although fungicides have the ability to prevent and kill fungal spores, they can only protect your lawn for a period of time, usually 28 to 30 days after initial treatment. If the weather conditions continue to be conducive for fungal activity, the spores will persist beyond the residual of a single fungicide treatment and more fungus can and will invade and spread throughout the lawn.  


Our Preventative Fungicide Program will prevent infection, reduce further spread, and help to keep your lawn dense, dark green and healthy during the summer months.


Don't let this happen to your lawn:

Law Fungus. Keep your lawn dark green and healthy.  JT's Landscaping preventative Fungicide Program.