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Protect your investment with a custom irrigation system.

JT’s Landscaping will work with you to achieve the most efficient irrigation system possible.
Without proper irrigation, lawns and plants die, and replacing them is costly. The only way to ensure that your landscaping investment is protected is to install an irrigation system.

Our irrigation systems are top of the line, “smart” irrigation systems that can sense how much water is needed and adjust the flow and duration of the flow to get maximum exposure with minimal output. This saves you money and the environment water.

Plus, irrigation systems are good for the environment because they actually save water. Hand watering or using an external sprinkler wastes water, and tons of it.

Raleigh Irrigation Systems

Are Irrigation Systems Expensive?

No. We have systems that can fit almost any budget. In this area they add a lot of value to the property and save you money on your water bills. If you are installing sod, an irrigation system is an absolute must.

Are Irrigation Systems Programmable?

Yes, that’s part of the beauty of irrigation systems’ beauty- they are totally automatic. If you work hard, you deserve to have a beautiful lawn and you don’t need to worry about when or how much to water. Our irrigation and sprinkler systems will handle it for you while you enjoy your time and that extra money you’ll save every month off your water bill.

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What They're Saying

"We have invested quite a bit of money into our landscaping, and we wanted to make sure it would continue to be done right. We knew hiring JT's Landscaping would be the right choice. We have used them many times for other projects, and decided to also have them come out on a regular basis to be sure our grass is treated with extra loving care. Year after year, we have one of the prettiest lawns in our neighborhood and we owe this all to the great service of JT's Landscaping. "

Gavin H. of Raleigh, NC