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Enhance your landscape with water fountains and features.

Water Feature Design

Everyone needs a break from their hectic schedules, but not everyone owns a luxurious cabin on a lake. That’s where we come in! A backyard water garden is the perfect solution for relaxing at home. Let our experts show you how to bring a little piece of nature right to you and your family. A water garden is not only peaceful and relaxing, but eliminates yard maintenance by replacing part of your lawn. A pond requires only minutes of upkeep each week, but attracts all the relaxation you can spare. Don’t you want to have this chance to escape?

Installing Water Features

Our highly trained installation team takes the design from just a vision into reality. Our team uses the highest quality tools and techniques to install the water features. Using a variety of natural stone products and high quality pond supplies, our crew is able to bring a natural phenomenon right into your backyard.

Maintaining a Water Feature

Water Features Raleigh, NCMaintenance is a very important service to all water features. We offer a wide variety of services ranging from chemical treatments to pump replacement. We also have weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services to clean filter media, skim pond surface and winterization. We also offer a netting service to collect all leaves in the fall months from collecting in the water. Our preventative maintenance program is designed to prolong the life of all working parts, and preserve the aesthetic value of the water feature.

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